PLAYLIST 13/12/2013

Last regular show of the year! Next week we present our ‘Best of 2013’-episode. So last chance to present some new tunes, some old tunes. This week EMA released a new track for her upcoming new album ‘The Future’s Void’. We alse discovered a live set from the almighty Fugazi playing their 666th show in Belgium (Leuven, our hometown!). Check it out here!

Due to some legal matters we had to remove the brand new Angel Olson song. Sorry.

Relisten here!

EMA – Satellites – The Future’s Void
– –
Sharon Van Etten – Serpents – Tramp
– –
Pilod – The Path – Sunny Forecast
Gordons – Coalminer’s Song – The Gordons
– –
Fugazi – Turnover – Leuven, Belgium 05.18.95
Shellac – Steady As She Goes – Excellent Italian Greyhound
– –
New Coke – Duct Tape Your Mouth – Duct Tape Your Mouth EP
The K. – Fertile Waves – My Flesh Reveals Millions of Souls
– –
Pity Sex – Honey Pot – Feast Of Love
Should – Faded – A Folding Sieve
– –
Swan Dive – Fly Toward The Sun – Fly Toward The Sun
Ancient Sky – Master Cleanse – All Get Out
– –
Musth – The Flood – Ebb & Flow

20/12/2013: Het beste van 2013

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